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Does That Even Work is a podcast aimed at growing the mid-market company.

If you're interested in business growth, this podcast is for you.

Are you getting the results you want? Closing all the deals you want, improving your margin, cutting costs year on year?

The "Does That Even Work" podcast challenges the latest business fads and the conventional wisdom we all use in our companies and asks: does that even work?

Future podcasts will cover subjects like Talent Management, the Four Day week (and if that really will work) and the value of teaching dialogue in organisations.

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It is sponsored by Stratervation, a mid-market growth consulting firm based in Johannesburg South Africa.

The next time you hear about how a brilliant idea will revolutionise business, ask yourself a simple question: Does That Even Work?

May 6, 2019

This episode was interesting to work on. Turns out offices are wonderful to poke fun at.

Here is some of the research I did for the episode. Some of it has to do with the open plan office, which is not the same as cubicles. Open plan offices don't have the cubicle walls (obviously) and are even worse for productivity than the cubicle farms. 

Jason Fried started a company called Basecamp, which is a hugely and (at least in the web design industry)  project management tool helping them to manage projects and collaborate with clients.

He has a TedX talk with nearly a million views on why people don't like going to offices. Click here

Oliver Baxter quoted Gallup's research. I've used the same research in my consulting practice. They have a lot of tools and interventions that you can get from them. Here is a report on their 2016 findings.

Oliver Baxter works with the Herman Miller Insight Group, which is responsible for the commissioning, overseeing and presenting of Insights into the latest thinking in workplace design and associated issues. The subjects covered include Happiness in the workplace, Generations at Work, Creativity in the Workplace, Agile Working and the Psychology of Collaboration. He tweets at @HMInsightMEA.

Here are the links he promised.

Click on the links for Herman Miller's "Living Office", or case studies here (Mass Design Group), here (Slack and Company) and here (Tavistock).

Case studies:   

Here's their paper on how to catalyze your workplace for growth (and remember his tip: 20% spike in engagement by letting people work from home one day a week). 

Geoffrey James wrote an article in Fast Company about the open plan office.

In the article he links to another piece he wrote back in 2016 on how implementing the wrong office design is like stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.

And I commissioned office comedy from Josh Murphy. He's on twitter at @JoshPMurphy

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Oh: And if you wanted to hear more from Claire Rousell, she's no longer in academia and didn't want to post her social media links.

Additional reading.

The Ladders is an excellent on-line magazine, really brilliant, for all things work-related.